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Docs: FIB iteration macros

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* Basic FIB operations are performed by functions defined by this module,
* enumerating of FIB contents is accomplished by using the FIB_WALK() macro
* or FIB_ITERATE_START() if you want to do it asynchronously.
* For simple iteration just place the body of the loop between FIB_WALK() and
* FIB_WALK_END(). You can't modify the FIB during the iteration (you can modify
* data in the node, but not add or remove nodes).
* If you need more freedom, you can use the FIB_ITERATE_*() group of macros.
* First, you initialize an iterator with FIB_ITERATE_INIT(). Then you can put
* the loop body in between FIB_ITERATE_START() and FIB_ITERATE_END(). In
* addition, the iteration can be suspended by calling FIB_ITERATE_PUT().
* This'll link the iterator inside the FIB. While suspended, you may modify the
* FIB, exit the current function, etc. To resume the iteration, enter the loop
* again. You can use FIB_ITERATE_UNLINK() to unlink the iterator (while
* iteration is suspended) in cases like premature end of FIB iteration.
* Note that the iterator must not be destroyed when the iteration is suspended,
* the FIB would then contain a pointer to invalid memory. Therefore, after each
* FIB_ITERATE_INIT() or FIB_ITERATE_PUT() there must be either
* FIB_ITERATE_START() or FIB_ITERATE_UNLINK() before the iterator is destroyed.
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