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ConfigFile: Add Doxygen comments

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......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ void DDP::ConfigFile::load_configuration(Config& cfg, std::string conf_file, std
try {
YAML::Node config = YAML::LoadFile(conf_file);
// Always load default configuration first and then load changes for given instance if present
if (config["default"])
load_instance(cfg, config["default"]);
......@@ -29,9 +29,24 @@
#include "Config.h"
namespace DDP {
* @brief Parse YAML configuration file and fill Config structure
struct ConfigFile
* @brief Parses "default" and user given instances from YAML configuration file.
* @param cfg Config structure to fill
* @param conf_file Path to YAML configuration file
* @param instance Unique ID of DNS Probe instance
static void load_configuration(Config& cfg, std::string conf_file, std::string instance = "default");
* @brief Parses DNS Probe instance given in YAML::Node object
* @param cfg Config structure to fill
* @param node YAML Node with configuration for specific DNS Probe instance
static void load_instance(Config& cfg, YAML::Node node);
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