Commit 0186d588 authored by Martin Straka's avatar Martin Straka
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Fixed remember of new password

parent edffd30b
......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ bool IsdsWrapper::changePassword(const QString &userName, const QString &oldPwd,
emit statusBarTextChanged(isdsText, false, true);
/* Set new password to current isds context and reset OTP*/
m_isdsSession.isdsCtxMap[userName].password = userName;
m_isdsSession.isdsCtxMap[userName].password = newPwd;
if (m_isdsSession.isdsCtxMap[userName].login_method == USERNAME_PWD_TOTP ||
m_isdsSession.isdsCtxMap[userName].login_method == USERNAME_PWD_HOTP) {
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