Commit 2021a6aa authored by Karel Slaný's avatar Karel Slaný

Updated change log.

parent 9d188c34
1.2.0 /
* Adjustment to combo-boxes to scale better according to selected text size.
* All messages are downloaded as signed messages.
* Reusable components have been created form some often repeated QML code.
* Created an abstraction over user interaction dialogues. This should make it
easier to use QML-based dialogues. QML dialogues are disabled for now.
* Added filter filed into message list page. Listed messages can be filtered
according to supplied text phrase.
* Added search message operation into setting menu page. Downloaded messages
can be sought according to supplied text.
1.1.0 / 2017-03-29
* Application is registered on Android and iOS for opening ZFO files.
* Attachments in ZFO format can be opened directly in the application.
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