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Updated change log.

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1.6.2 /
* Raised the maximal attachment size limit to 50 MB. The user is still
notified when exceeding 20 MB. The limit has been raised for some special
OVM data boxes from 1st November 2018.
1.6.1 / 2018-09-27
* Fixed a problem with log device crashes on application exit.
......@@ -1232,10 +1232,6 @@
<source>Total attachment size exceeds the limit!</source>
<translation>Celková velikost příloh převyšuje limit!</translation>
<source>Current total attachment size is %1 kB. ISDS limits its size to %2 kB. Reduce the total attachment size and try sending the message again.</source>
<translation type="vanished">Momentální celková velikost příloh je %1 kB. ISDS ji omezuje na %2 kB. Zmenšete celkovou velikost příloh a pokuste se odeslat zprávu znovu.</translation>
<location filename="../../src/net/isds_wrapper.cpp" line="760"/>
<source>%1: sending message</source>
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