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geek/tos3_migration: add notes for upgrade

This fixes #67.

It would be helpful if the 3.x to 5.x documentation explained that my OS
branch would be switched to HBK (I was on stable) and likewise knowing
what to expect from the upgrade process would help someone going through
this for the first time.

This PR is based on my person experience of seeing my branch change and
assuming that's expected behaviour at this point in time.
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......@@ -97,7 +97,9 @@ opkg-cl install tos3to4
updater-supervisor -d
This sequence installs a package that triggers migration and starts Turris
updater. Progress will not be visible on the command line; notifications of
package changes and upgrade process will be sent in the same way as regular
updates, such as via email.
!!! important
Do not run migration steps on Turris OS 4.0 or newer. These work only for
......@@ -113,6 +115,12 @@ updater.
Updates approvals are disabled when migration is triggered to not halt
migration in situation when user is unable to approve subsequent continuation.
!!! important
If you were previously on the stable branch of Turris OS (otherwise
known as `deploy` in Turris OS 3.x or HBS in later versions), this upgrade
will switch branches to using HBK (otherwise known as `kitten`), the
next-fixup version. If you want to return to a table verison of Turris OS
5.x, run `switch-branch hbs` _once_ the migration is complete.
## Known problems and solutions
You can encounter some problems that are caused by automatic migration. Not all
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