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# Firewall Rules settings
# LuCI
## What is LuCI?
Since Turris OS is based on OpenWrt, it comes with LuCI configuration web interface. LuCI is a powerful and exhaustive
configuration interface. It can be considered to be a step forward from setting up a router via configuration
files through the command line to doing it via a web interface. Thus, it attempts to cover all configuration
possibilities which can be enabled using config files.
LuCI uses UCI which is meant to centralize the configuration of OpenWrt.
## What is UCI?
From [UCI docs](
> The abbreviation UCI stands for Unified Configuration Interface and is a system to centralize the configuration of
OpenWrt services.
## How is it different from Foris?
Turris team has decided to develop its own web administration interface due to complexity of the existing LuCI interface
for basic users. Thus, came into being [Foris](/basics/apps/foris), which is a simplified interface for administration
requirements of Turris routers. It has been created in order to provide users with a simple and extensible administration
and network configuration tool.
Although, there is a set of advanced administration requirements which are only possible to get done with LuCI. Such as:
* [Static IP addresses assignment](static_dhcp/static_dhcp)
* [Firewall Rules settings](firewall)
# Static IP addresses assignment
Static DHCP server addresses assignment is useful when it's required that devices, connected to your network, will get
permanent IP address.
Log in to [LuCI](../luci), then choose *DHCP and DNS* in top navigation menu.
![Screenshot 1](screenshot_1.png)
You can see the list of the currently connected devices, which had assigned IP addresses from DHCP server, on the bottom
of the page. Then click the *Add* button under that list.
![Screenshot 1](screenshot_2.png)
Fill the new row with:
* **Hostname** - any name you want to identify the device.
* **MAC-Address** - Hardware identification number. It can be select from the list of list MAC addresses of connected
devices or filled manually by selecting the *\-\-custom\-\-* option.
* **IPv4-Address** - An IP address to be permanently assigned to a device identified by MAC address. It can be select
from the list of last used IP addresses or filled manually by selecting the *\-\-custom\-\-* option.
![Screenshot 1](screenshot_3.png)
You can add more devices by clicking *Add* button. If you are done, please don't forget to press *Save & Apply* button.
!!! warning
IP address changes will not take effect immediately. If the computer has an IP address, it waits until it expires
and then asks for a new one. If you need the address change to take effect immediately, and you can't do it on your
device operating system, then disconnect the device from the network and reconnect it again.
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## Software reference
* General overview of Turris OS
* Foris
* [LuCI](basics/luci/luci)
* Updater
* Schnapps
* Pakon - Parental Control
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