Commit 073b389c authored by Marek Vavrusa's avatar Marek Vavrusa
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daemon/trust_anchors: accept DS in root keys

kresd accepts DS records in root keys if provided,
it will eventually replace them with DNSKEY in
automatic mode
parent 1c9fccfb
......@@ -76,22 +76,44 @@ local key_state = {
local function ta_find(keyset, rr)
for i, ta in ipairs(keyset) do
-- Match key owner and content
if ta.owner == rr.owner and
C.kr_dnssec_key_match(ta.rdata, #ta.rdata, rr.rdata, #rr.rdata) == 0 then
if ta.owner == rr.owner then
if ta.type == rr.type then
if rr.type == kres.type.DNSKEY then
if C.kr_dnssec_key_match(ta.rdata, #ta.rdata, rr.rdata, #rr.rdata) == 0 then
return ta
elseif rr.type == kres.type.DS and ta.rdata == rr.rdata then
return ta
-- DNSKEY superseding DS, inexact match
elseif rr.type == kres.type.DNSKEY and ta.type == kres.type.DS then
if ta.key_tag == C.kr_dnssec_key_tag(rr.type, rr.rdata, #rr.rdata) then
keyset[i] = rr -- Replace current DS
rr.state = ta.state
rr.key_tag = ta.key_tag
return rr
-- DS key matching DNSKEY, inexact match
elseif rr.type == kres.type.DS and ta.type == kres.type.DNSKEY then
local ds_tag = C.kr_dnssec_key_tag(rr.type, rr.rdata, #rr.rdata)
local dnskey_tag = C.kr_dnssec_key_tag(ta.type, ta.rdata, #ta.rdata)
if ds_tag == dnskey_tag then
return ta
return nil
-- Evaluate TA status according to RFC5011
local function ta_present(keyset, rr, hold_down_time, force)
if not C.kr_dnssec_key_ksk(rr.rdata) then
if rr.type == kres.type.DNSKEY and not C.kr_dnssec_key_ksk(rr.rdata) then
return false -- Ignore
-- Find the key in current key set and check its status
local now = os.time()
local key_revoked = C.kr_dnssec_key_revoked(rr.rdata)
local key_revoked = (rr.type == kres.type.DNSKEY) and C.kr_dnssec_key_revoked(rr.rdata)
local key_tag = C.kr_dnssec_key_tag(rr.type, rr.rdata, #rr.rdata)
local ta = ta_find(keyset, rr)
if ta then
......@@ -139,7 +161,7 @@ local function ta_present(keyset, rr, hold_down_time, force)
-- TA is missing in the new key set
local function ta_missing(keyset, ta, hold_down_time)
local function ta_missing(ta, hold_down_time)
-- Key is removed (KeyRem)
local keep_ta = true
local key_tag = C.kr_dnssec_key_tag(ta.type, ta.rdata, #ta.rdata)
......@@ -226,7 +248,7 @@ local trust_anchors = {
for i, ta in ipairs(trust_anchors.keyset) do
local keep = true
if not ta_find(new_keys, ta) then
keep = ta_missing(trust_anchors, trust_anchors.keyset, ta, hold_down)
keep = ta_missing(ta, hold_down)
if keep then
table.insert(keyset, ta)
......@@ -234,7 +256,7 @@ local trust_anchors = {
-- Evaluate new TAs
for i, rr in ipairs(new_keys) do
if rr.type == kres.type.DNSKEY and rr.rdata ~= nil then
if (rr.type == kres.type.DNSKEY or rr.type == kres.type.DS) and rr.rdata ~= nil then
ta_present(keyset, rr, hold_down, initial)
......@@ -258,6 +280,7 @@ local trust_anchors = {
-- Load keys from a file (managed)
config = function (path, unmanaged)
-- Bootstrap if requested and keyfile doesn't exist
if trust_anchors.refresh_ev ~= nil then event.cancel(trust_anchors.refresh_ev) end
if not, 'r') then
local rr, msg = bootstrap()
if not rr then
......@@ -267,7 +290,6 @@ local trust_anchors = {
-- Fetch DNSKEY immediately
trust_anchors.file_current = path
if trust_anchors.refresh_ev ~= nil then event.cancel(trust_anchors.refresh_ev) end
refresh_plan(trust_anchors, 0, active_refresh, true, true)
elseif path == trust_anchors.file_current then
......@@ -275,11 +297,13 @@ local trust_anchors = {
-- Parse new keys, refresh eventually
local new_keys = require('zonefile').file(path)
if unmanaged then
trust_anchors.file_current = nil
trust_anchors.file_current = path
if unmanaged then trust_anchors.file_current = nil end
trust_anchors.keyset = {}
if trust_anchors.update(new_keys, true) then
if trust_anchors.refresh_ev ~= nil then event.cancel(trust_anchors.refresh_ev) end
refresh_plan(trust_anchors, 10 * sec, active_refresh, true, false)
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