Commit 4775ec71 authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý
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Allow Go modules on more architectures

parent b5b0232b
......@@ -28,15 +28,24 @@ $(eval $(call find_lib,socket_wrapper))
$(eval $(call find_lib,libdnssec))
$(eval $(call find_lib,libsystemd))
$(eval $(call find_gopkg,geoip,
# Find Go compiler version
# @note Go 1.5 support amd64 only, disabled for other architectures
ifeq ($(ARCH),x86_64)
E :=
GO_VERSION := $(subst $(E) $(E),,$(subst go,,$(wordlist 1,2,$(subst ., ,$(word 3,$(shell $(GO) version))))))
$(eval $(call find_ver,go,$(GO_VERSION),15))
GO_VERSION := $(shell $(GO) version | sed -e 's/^go version go\([0-9]\)[.]\([0-9]\)[.]\([0-9]\) .*/\1\2/')
GO_PLATFORM := $(shell $(GO) version | sed -e 's,^go version go[0-9.]* linux/,,')
$(eval $(call find_ver,go,$(GO_VERSION),16))
ifeq ($(HAS_go),yes)
ifneq ($(GO_PLATFORM),$(filter $(GO_PLATFORM),amd64 386 arm arm64))
HAS_go := no
HAS_go = no
$(eval $(call find_ver,go,$(GO_VERSION),15))
ifeq ($HAS_go,yes)
ifneq($(GO_PLATFORM),$(filter $(GO_PLATFORM),arm amd64))
HAS_go := no
# Work around luajit on OS X
ifeq ($(PLATFORM), Darwin)
ifneq (,$(findstring luajit, $(lua_LIBS)))
......@@ -74,7 +83,7 @@ info:
$(info Optional)
$(info --------)
$(info [$(HAS_doxygen)] doxygen (doc))
$(info [$(HAS_go)] go (modules/go, Go 1.5+ on amd64))
$(info [$(HAS_go)] go (modules/go, Go buildmode=c-shared support))
$(info [$(HAS_geoip)] geoip (modules/tinyweb,
$(info [$(HAS_libmemcached)] libmemcached (modules/memcached))
$(info [$(HAS_hiredis)] hiredis (modules/redis))
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