Commit 6e2c36a2 authored by Grigorii Demidov's avatar Grigorii Demidov Committed by Marek Vavrusa
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tests: cache test fixed

parent 8b166a9b
......@@ -396,8 +396,8 @@ static void test_clear(void **state)
struct kr_cache_txn *txn = test_txn_write(state);
int preempt_ret = kr_cache_clear(txn);
int commit_ret = kr_cache_txn_commit(txn);
int count_ret = txn->owner->api->count(&txn->t);
int commit_ret = kr_cache_txn_commit(txn);
assert_int_equal(preempt_ret, KNOT_EOK);
assert_int_equal(commit_ret, KNOT_EOK);
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