Commit 811fc2e7 authored by Marek Vavrusa's avatar Marek Vavrusa
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layer/validate: fixed NSEC nodata in some cases

updated tests
parent 6134920a
......@@ -288,7 +288,7 @@ static int update_delegation(struct kr_request *req, struct kr_query *qry, knot_
/* No DS provided, check for proof of non-existence. */
int ret = 0;
const knot_dname_t *proved_name = qry->;
const knot_dname_t *proved_name = knot_pkt_qname(answer);
knot_rrset_t *new_ds = update_ds(cut, knot_pkt_section(answer, section));
if (!new_ds) {
if (!has_nsec3) {
deckard @ fde15bac
Subproject commit 3a322cac30ed15f69fd5ca002ba452d2ff973f27
Subproject commit fde15bac843c7682dab2eb492dca9d310fb17352
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