Commit 9f6a11f1 authored by Marek Vavrusa's avatar Marek Vavrusa
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tests/cache: disabled malloc faking (broken)

this is broken by changes in libknot2/db api,
needs to be done differently later
parent beda0ca1
......@@ -34,30 +34,13 @@ struct kr_cache_entry global_fake_ce;
#define NAMEDB_DATA_SIZE (NAMEDB_INTS * sizeof(int))
uint8_t namedb_data[NAMEDB_DATA_SIZE];
knot_db_val_t global_namedb_data = {namedb_data, NAMEDB_DATA_SIZE};
bool is_malloc_mocked = false;
#define CACHE_SIZE 10 * 4096
#define CACHE_TTL 10
#define CACHE_TIME 0
void * (*original_malloc) (size_t __size);
int (*original_knot_rdataset_add)(knot_rdataset_t *rrs, const knot_rdata_t *rr, knot_mm_t *mm) = NULL;
void *malloc(size_t __size)
int err_mock = KNOT_EOK;
if (original_malloc == NULL)
original_malloc = dlsym(RTLD_NEXT,"malloc");
assert_non_null (malloc);
if (is_malloc_mocked)
err_mock = mock();
return (err_mock != KNOT_EOK) ? NULL : original_malloc (__size);
int knot_rdataset_add(knot_rdataset_t *rrs, const knot_rdata_t *rr, knot_mm_t *mm)
int err, err_mock;
......@@ -224,24 +207,18 @@ static void test_fake_invalid (void **state)
static void test_fake_insert(void **state)
int ret_cache_ins_ok, ret_cache_lowmem, ret_cache_ins_inval;
int ret_cache_ins_ok, ret_cache_ins_inval;
knot_dname_t dname[] = "";
struct kr_cache_txn *txn = test_txn_write(state);
test_randstr((char *)&global_fake_ce,sizeof(global_fake_ce));
test_randstr((char *)namedb_data,NAMEDB_DATA_SIZE);
is_malloc_mocked = true;
ret_cache_lowmem = kr_cache_insert(txn, KR_CACHE_USER, dname,
KNOT_RRTYPE_TSIG, &global_fake_ce, global_namedb_data);
is_malloc_mocked = false;
ret_cache_ins_ok = kr_cache_insert(txn, KR_CACHE_USER, dname,
KNOT_RRTYPE_TSIG, &global_fake_ce, global_namedb_data);
ret_cache_ins_inval = kr_cache_insert(txn, KR_CACHE_USER, dname,
KNOT_RRTYPE_TSIG, &global_fake_ce, global_namedb_data);
assert_int_equal(ret_cache_lowmem, KNOT_ENOMEM);
assert_int_equal(ret_cache_ins_ok, KNOT_EOK);
assert_int_equal(ret_cache_ins_inval, KNOT_EINVAL);
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