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scripts: kresd-query.lua (new)

this is a boilerplate for a CLI utility to resolve
names and execute script on query response
in another words, "a jq for resolver answers"

this is a scaffolding for alternative tools like
'host' or a plug-in part for scripting around it.

it basically starts a kresd instance, but doesn't
bind to any interface or read configuration,
then a query + callback is sent to kresd standard
input, and it quits after the execution
parent f8500573
#!/usr/bin/env luajit
cli_bin = 'kresd -q -c -'
-- Work around OS X stripping dyld variables
libdir = os.getenv('DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH')
if libdir then
cli_bin = string.format('DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH="%s" %s', libdir, cli_bin)
cli_cmd = [[echo '
option("ALWAYS_CUT", true)
return resolve("%s", kres.type.%s, kres.class.%s, 0,
function (pkt, req)
pkt = kres.pkt_t(pkt)
req = kres.request_t(req)
pcall(function () %s end)
-- Parse CLI arguments
local function help()
name = 'kresd-query.lua'
print(string.format('Usage: %s [-t type] [-c class] [-C config] <name> <script>', name))
print('Execute a single-shot query and run a script on the result.')
print('There are two variable available: pkt (kres.pkt_t), req (kres.request_t)')
print('See modules README to learn about their APIs.')
print('\t-h,--help ... print this help')
print('\t-t TYPE ... query for given type (default: A)')
print('\t-c CLASS ... query in given class (default: IN)')
print('\t-C config_str ... kresd-style config (default: -)')
print('\t'' -t SOA cz "print(pkt:qname())" ... print response QNAME')
-- Parse CLI arguments
if #arg < 2 then help() return 1 end
local qtype, qclass, qname = 'A', 'IN', nil
local config, scripts = '', {}
k = 1 while k <= #arg do
local v = arg[k]
if v == '-h' or v == '--help' then
return help()
elseif v == '-C' then
k = k + 1
config = arg[k]
elseif v == '-c' then
k = k + 1
qclass = arg[k]:upper()
elseif v == '-t' then
k = k + 1
qtype = arg[k]:upper()
elseif v:byte() == string.byte('-') then
return help()
elseif not qname then
qname = v
table.insert(scripts, v)
k = k + 1
cli_cmd = string.format(cli_cmd, config, qname, qtype, qclass, table.concat(scripts, ' '))
return os.execute(cli_cmd..' | '..cli_bin)
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