Commit 15c30f51 authored by Bodnar Bogdan's avatar Bodnar Bogdan


parent d6f364f6
......@@ -41,13 +41,18 @@ class ProxyService(service.Service):
class SSHConnection(SSHConnectionTwisted):
Overridden SSHConnection for disabling logs a traceback about a failed direct-tcpip connections
# pylint: disable=invalid-name,inconsistent-return-statements
def ssh_CHANNEL_OPEN(self, packet):
channelType, rest = common.getNS(packet)
# pylint: disable=unbalanced-tuple-unpacking
channel_type, rest = common.getNS(packet)
if channelType != b'direct-tcpip':
if channel_type != b'direct-tcpip':
return super().ssh_CHANNEL_OPEN(packet)
senderChannel, windowSize, maxPacket = struct.unpack('>3L', rest[:12])
senderChannel, _ = struct.unpack('>3L', rest[:12])
log.err('channel open failed, direct-tcpip is not allowed')
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