Commit a027206d authored by Vladimír Čunát's avatar Vladimír Čunát

lib/resolve: fix build with -DNOVERBOSELOG

Fixes #424.
parent 18745414
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ Bugfixes
- http module: only run prometheus in parent process if using --forks=N,
as the submodule collects metrics from all sub-processes as well.
- fix build with -DNOVERBOSELOG (#424)
......@@ -1607,10 +1607,6 @@ int kr_resolve_checkout(struct kr_request *request, const struct sockaddr *src,
int kr_resolve_finish(struct kr_request *request, int state)
struct kr_rplan *rplan = &request->rplan;
/* Finalize answer and construct wire-buffer. */
ITERATE_LAYERS(request, NULL, answer_finalize);
if (request->state == KR_STATE_FAIL) {
......@@ -1632,9 +1628,12 @@ int kr_resolve_finish(struct kr_request *request, int state)
request->state = state;
ITERATE_LAYERS(request, NULL, finish);
struct kr_rplan *rplan = &request->rplan;
struct kr_query *last = kr_rplan_last(rplan);
VERBOSE_MSG(last, "finished: %d, queries: %zu, mempool: %zu B\n",
request->state, rplan->resolved.len, (size_t) mp_total_size(request->pool.ctx));
/* Trace request finish */
if (request->trace_finish) {
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