Commit de979a3b authored by Vladimír Čunát's avatar Vladimír Čunát
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dnssec/nsec: add a precaution when checking DS nodata

I just found it by accident when studying RFCs again.
Hmm, I'd like an operator for logical implication; I'm spoiled by Maths.
parent b29f002d
......@@ -237,7 +237,14 @@ static int no_data_response_check_rrtype(int *flags, const knot_rrset_t *nsec,
if (!kr_nsec_bitmap_contains_type(bm, bm_size, type)) {
/* The type is not listed in the NSEC bitmap. */
/* Security feature: in case of DS also check for SOA
* non-existence to be more certain that we don't hold
* a child-side NSEC by some mistake (e.g. when forwarding).
* See RFC4035 5.2, next-to-last paragraph. */
if (type != KNOT_RRTYPE_DS
|| !kr_nsec_bitmap_contains_type(bm, bm_size, KNOT_RRTYPE_SOA)) {
return kr_ok();
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