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tests: fixed deckard integration, doc, travis

parent 241270b1
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ script:
- make -j2 install COVERAGE=1 PREFIX=${HOME}/.local
- ./daemon/kresd -h
- make check COVERAGE=1 PREFIX=${HOME}/.local
- make check-integration COVERAGE=1 PREFIX=${HOME}/.local
- test $TRAVIS_OS_NAME = linux && coveralls -i lib -i daemon -x ".c" --gcov-options '\-lp'
sudo: false
......@@ -151,6 +151,22 @@ Building extras
The project can be built with code coverage tracking using the ``COVERAGE=1`` variable.
Running unit and integration tests
The unit tests require cmocka_ and are executed with ``make check``.
The integration tests use Deckard, the `DNS test harness <deckard>`_.
.. code-block:: bash
$ make check-integration
Note that the daemon and modules must be installed first before running integration tests, the reason is that the daemon
is otherwise unable to find and load modules.
Read the `documentation <deckard_doc>`_ for more information about requirements, how to run it and extend it.
.. _Docker images:
.. _libuv:
.. _MSVC:
......@@ -172,3 +188,6 @@ The project can be built with code coverage tracking using the ``COVERAGE=1`` va
.. _Python:
.. _boot2docker:
.. _deckard:
.. _deckard_doc:
Unit tests
The tests depend on cmocka_.
The unit tests depend on cmocka_.
.. code-block:: bash
$ make check-unit
$ make check
.. todo:: Writing tests.
Integration tests
The tests depend on cwrap's `socket_wrapper`_, libfaketime_ and Python.
The libfaketime is included in ``contrib/libfaketime`` as it depends on rather latest version of it,
it is automatically synchronised with ``make``.
The integration tests are using Deckard, the `DNS test harness <deckard>`_.
It requires Jinja2_ and Python, `socket_wrapper`_, libfaketime_ are embedded in the build (cmake is required for `socket_wrapper`_).
Execute the tests by:
......@@ -23,8 +21,9 @@ Execute the tests by:
$ make check-integration
.. todo:: Writing tests.
See deckard_ documentation on how to write additional tests.
.. _cmocka:
.. _`socket_wrapper`:
.. _libfaketime:
.. _deckard:
# Integration tests
# Path to scenario files
# Config
# Path to daemon
# Template file name
# Config file name
# Targets
deckard_DIR := tests/integration
deckard := $(libfaketime_DIR)/
libfaketime_DIR := contrib/libfaketime
libfaketime := $(abspath $(libfaketime_DIR))/src/libfaketime$(LIBEXT).1
libswrap_DIR := contrib/libswrap
libswrap_cmake_DIR := $(libswrap_DIR)/obj
libswrap=$(abspath $(libswrap_cmake_DIR))/src/libsocket_wrapper$(LIBEXT).0
......@@ -36,19 +25,21 @@ $(deckard):
@git submodule update --init
@git submodule update --init
# Build libfaketime contrib
# Build contrib libraries
$(libfaketime): $(libfaketime_DIR)/Makefile
@CFLAGS="" $(MAKE) -C $(libfaketime_DIR)
@git submodule update --init
mkdir $(libswrap_cmake_DIR)
$(libswrap_cmake_DIR): $(libswrap_DIR)
@mkdir $(libswrap_cmake_DIR)
$(libswrap_cmake_DIR)/Makefile: $(libswrap_cmake_DIR)
@cd $(libswrap_cmake_DIR); cmake ..
$(libswrap): $(libswrap_cmake_DIR)/Makefile
@CFLAGS="-O2 -g" $(MAKE) -C $(libswrap_cmake_DIR)
@CFLAGS="-O2 -g" $(MAKE) -s -C $(libswrap_cmake_DIR)
deckard: check-integration
check-integration: $(deckard) $(libswrap) $(libfaketime)
$(preload_syms) tests/integration/ $(TESTS) $(DAEMON) $(TEMPLATE) $(CONFIG) $(ADDITIONAL)
@$(preload_LIBS) $(preload_syms) python tests/integration/ $(TESTS) $(abspath daemon/kresd) $(TEMPLATE) config
.PHONY: check-integration
.PHONY: deckard check-integration
......@@ -17,12 +17,10 @@ endif
# Integration tests
ifeq ($(HAS_python)|$(HAS_socket_wrapper), yes|yes)
include tests/
$(warning python or socket_wrapper not found, skipping integration tests)
# Targets
tests: check-unit check-integration
tests: check-unit
tests-clean: $(foreach test,$(tests_BIN),$(test)-clean)
.PHONY: tests tests-clean
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