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    • Marek Vavruša's avatar
      lib/resolve: minim=off when there is NODATA between cached target/cut · 348096a6
      Marek Vavruša authored
      when resolver finds a zone cut from cache, it checks whether there is an empty non-terminal between target QNAME and cached zone cut.
      this is indicated by presence of NODATA/NXDOMAIN in packet cache.
      if it finds one, it turns off qname minimisation and continues,
      this saves one query for empty non-term zones like ‘co.jp’
      caveat: only direct child of the cut can be considered (e.g. ‘co.jp’ for ‘jp’), otherwise we would leak information to parent if the zone cut fell out of cache and NODATA existed
    • Marek Vavruša's avatar
      lib/cache: more granular control for rank check on insertion · a2b9d06d
      Marek Vavruša authored
      for pktcache same or better rank is required (because it’s a direct answer)
      for rrcache better rank is required (unless doing write-through)
      for both cases, no cache rank check is needed when inserting secure data
      security note: this mitigates possible non-auth NS hijacking
    • Marek Vavruša's avatar
      lib/zonecut: shuffle root NS list to lower a.root preference · 51547bec
      Marek Vavruša authored
      reason: a root gives consistently unpredictable performance, which
      we cannot take into consideration for the first start. j,k roots
      moved to the front as they're everywhere and less loaded than a
      swamped with requests from legacy tools
    • Marek Vavruša's avatar
      doc: modules/tinyweb · 54dbd5c2
      Marek Vavruša authored
    • Marek Vavruša's avatar
      build: allow Go 1.5 (without .0) · cec73bfa
      Marek Vavruša authored
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