Revert "nsrep: allow inclusion of good nameservers if there's space in selection"

This reverts commit 196ebd4f.
It was buggy, and I can't simply recover the intended effect.
parent 6aebe70d
......@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ static int eval_nsrep(const knot_dname_t *owner, const pack_t *addr_set, struct
update_nsrep_set(ns, owner, addr_choice, score);
ns->reputation = reputation;
return 1; /* Stop evaluation */
} else if (ns->score > KR_NS_MAX_SCORE || addr_choice[KR_NSREP_MAXADDR - 1] == NULL) {
} else if (ns->score > KR_NS_MAX_SCORE) {
/* Check if any server was already selected.
* If no, pick current server and continue evaluation. */
update_nsrep_set(ns, owner, addr_choice, score);
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