pytests/kresd: improve backoff when establishing initial kresd connection

parent a35c68f3
......@@ -136,14 +136,22 @@ class Kresd(ContextDecorator):
alive &= utils.try_ping_alive(self.ip6_tls_socket(), close=True, msgid=msgid + 3)
return alive
def _wait_for_tcp_port(self, delay=0.1, max_attempts=50):
def _wait_for_tcp_port(self, max_delay=10, delay_step=0.2):
family = socket.AF_INET if self.ip else socket.AF_INET6
for _ in range(max_attempts):
i = 0
end_time = time.time() + max_delay
while time.time() < end_time:
i += 1
# use exponential backoff algorhitm to choose next delay
rand_delay = random.randrange(0, i)
time.sleep(rand_delay * delay_step)
sock, dest = self.stream_socket(family, timeout=5)
except ConnectionRefusedError:
return utils.try_ping_alive(sock, close=True, msgid=10000)
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