Verified Commit c09c4076 authored by Štěpán Balážik's avatar Štěpán Balážik Committed by Petr Špaček

retry tests which failed due to load

parent d51ca57a
......@@ -372,7 +372,7 @@ def run_testcase(daemons, case, root_addr, addr_family, prog_under_test_ip):
# leads the resolver to close the port and to the test failing in the
# end. We partially detect these by checking the PCAP for ICMP packets.
if check_for_icmp():
logging.error("Deckard is under load.\
raise DeckardUnderLoadError("Deckard is under load.\
Other errors might be false negatives.\
Consider retrying the job later.")
raise ValueError('the scenario does not define all necessary answers (see error log)')
import logging
import os
import subprocess
import random
import sys
import time
import pytest
......@@ -33,13 +35,22 @@ logging.getLogger("augeas").setLevel(logging.ERROR)
def run_test(path, qmin, config):
def run_test(path, qmin, config, retries=0):
set_coverage_env(path, qmin)
del os.environ["SOCKET_WRAPPER_DIR"]
except KeyError:
deckard.process_file(path, qmin, config)
deckard.process_file(path, qmin, config)
except deckard.DeckardUnderLoadError as e:
if retries < 3:
logging.error("Deckard under load. Retrying…")
# Exponential backoff
time.sleep((2 ** (retries + 1)) + (random.randint(0, 1000) / 1000))
run_test(path, qmin, config, retries + 1)
raise e
def test_passes_qmin_on(scenario):
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