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Deckard: massive docs update and rewrite

The docs should now match reality except pieces which are intentionally
not documented. This includes STEP REPLAY and entry flags MANDATORY and TSIG.
These are rarely used and might be changed in future versions.
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Notes for Deckard developers
socket wrapper library (cwrap)
Detailed instructions on using cwrap you can be found here_
cwrap environment is managed by Deckard. Default values are sufficient, do not touch the environment unless you are trying to debug something. Variables available for direct use are:
- ``SOCKET_WRAPPER_DIR`` is a generic working directory. It defaults
to a new temporary directory with randomly generated name,
prefixed by ``tmpdeckard``. When a test fails, the work directory can contain useful
information for post-mortem analysis. You can explicitly set ``SOCKET_WRAPPER_DIR``
to a custom path for more convenient analysis.
- ``SOCKET_WRAPPER_DEBUGLEVEL`` is not set by default.
Deckard automatically sets ``SOCKET_WRAPPER_PCAP_FILE`` to create separate PCAP files in working directory for Deckard itself and each daemon. Feel free to inspect them.
.. _here:;a=blob;f=doc/socket_wrapper.1.txt;hb=HEAD
Run-time changes to ``FAKETIME_`` environment variables might not be picked up by running process if ``FAKETIME_NO_CACHE=1`` variable is not set before the process starts.
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