Commit a0b37ed2 authored by Petr Špaček's avatar Petr Špaček

Deckard: print STEP ID and server address for synthesized SERVFAILs

Variable names in handle_query were quite confusing so I've renamed
to express their real content. One log message used wrong arguments
because of that so I've fixed that at the same time.
parent a6324b72
......@@ -178,15 +178,15 @@ class TestServer:
False if client socket should be kept open
log = logging.getLogger('pydnstest.testserver.handle_query')
client_address = client.getsockname()[0]
query, addr = recvfrom_msg(client)
server_addr = client.getsockname()[0]
query, client_addr = recvfrom_msg(client)
if query is None:
return False
log.debug('server %s received query from %s: %s', addr, client_address, query)
log.debug('server %s received query from %s: %s', server_addr, client_addr, query)
response = dns.message.make_response(query)
is_raw_data = False
if self.scenario is not None:
response, is_raw_data = self.scenario.reply(query, client_address)
response, is_raw_data = self.scenario.reply(query, server_addr)
if response:
if is_raw_data is False:
data_to_wire = response.to_wire(max_size=65535)
......@@ -198,10 +198,12 @@ class TestServer:
response = dns.message.make_response(query)
data_to_wire = response.to_wire()
log.error('no response found for question %s, answering with SERVFAIL',
'; '.join([str(rr) for rr in query.question]))
'server %s has no response for question %s, answering with SERVFAIL',
'; '.join([str(rr) for rr in query.question]))
sendto_msg(client, data_to_wire, addr)
sendto_msg(client, data_to_wire, client_addr)
return True
def query_io(self):
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