fixup! WIP: zone2pickle optimization

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......@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@ def load_nsname2ipset() -> Dict[, Set[AnIPAddress]]:'loading NS name -> IP address mapping')
with open('nsname2ipset.pickle', 'rb') as nsname2ipset_pickle:
nsname2ipset = pickle.load(nsname2ipset_pickle)
ip_all = set.union(*nsname2ipset.values())
ip_cnt = functools.reduce(lambda cnt, ipset: cnt + len(ipset), nsname2ipset.values(), 0)'loaded %s unique IP addresses for %s NS names',
len(ip_all), len(nsname2ipset))
ip_cnt, len(nsname2ipset))
return nsname2ipset
def load_domain2ipset() -> Dict[, Set[AnIPAddress]]:
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