Commit 00b8914c authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý
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Add bash_completion_dir prefix mangling back to fix 'make dist(check)'

parent 72d41054
......@@ -67,8 +67,24 @@ AC_CONFIG_FILES([src/libknot.pc
# Get Bash completion scripts directory
PKG_CHECK_VAR([bash_completion_dir], [bash-completion], [completionsdir],[
PKG_CHECK_VAR([bash_completion_prefix], [bash-completion], [prefix], [
# Try to remove full ${datarootdir} first
bash_completion_dir_tmp=$(echo "${bash_completion_dir}" | $SED -e "s,^${bash_completion_prefix}/share,,")
AS_IF([test "${bash_completion_dir}" = "${bash_completion_dir_tmp}"],[
# Remove and add only a ${prefix}
bash_completion_dir_tmp=$(echo "$bash_completion_dir" | $SED -e "s,^${bash_completion_prefix},,")
AC_SUBST([bash_completion_dir], ['${prefix}'${bash_completion_dir_tmp}])
# And append full ${datarootdir}
AC_SUBST([bash_completion_dir], ['${datarootdir}'${bash_completion_dir_tmp}])
AM_CONDITIONAL([HAVE_BASH_COMPLETION], [test -n "$bash_completion_dir"])
AS_IF([test -n "$bash_completion_dir"],[
# Build Knot DNS daemon
......@@ -462,10 +478,10 @@ AC_MSG_RESULT([
Jansson: ${jansson_LIBS} ${jansson_CFLAGS}
LMDB: ${enable_lmdb} ${lmdb_LIBS} ${lmdb_CFLAGS}
Prefix: ${prefix}
Run dir: ${run_dir}
Storage dir: ${storage_dir}
Config dir: ${config_dir}
Prefix: ${prefix}
Run dir: ${run_dir}
Storage dir: ${storage_dir}
Config dir: ${config_dir}
Knot DNS libraries: yes
Knot DNS daemon: ${enable_daemon}
......@@ -477,6 +493,7 @@ AC_MSG_RESULT([
Systemd integration: ${enable_systemd}
Dnstap support: ${opt_dnstap}
Code coverage: ${enable_code_coverage}
Bash completion: ${bash_completion_output}
Continue with 'make' command
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