Commit 082ec6f8 authored by Lubos Slovak's avatar Lubos Slovak
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refresh: Removed SOA check from AXFR processing

- Serials are checked during SOA response processing. Incoming
  AXFR should be accepted even if the serial is older. (In order
  to allow forced refersh.)
parent e25c49ed
......@@ -390,10 +390,6 @@ int axfr_answer_process(knot_pkt_t *pkt, struct answer_data *adata)
/* Initialize processing with first packet. */
if (adata->ext == NULL) {
NS_NEED_TSIG_SIGNED(&adata->param->tsig_ctx, 0);
if (!zone_transfer_needed(adata->param->zone, pkt)) {
AXFRIN_LOG(LOG_INFO, "zone is up-to-date");
return NS_PROC_DONE;
AXFRIN_LOG(LOG_INFO, "starting");
int ret = axfr_answer_init(adata);
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