Commit 21f4aa2a authored by Jan Kadlec's avatar Jan Kadlec

tests-extra: extend DDNS test with NAPTR addition

parent 5a574d1d
......@@ -380,6 +380,15 @@ def do_normal_tests(master, zone, dnssec=False):
resp.check_record(rtype="NS", rdata="dns2.ddns.")
verify(master, zone, dnssec)
# add NAPTR record (NAPTR has special processing)
check_log("Add NAPTR record")
up = master.update(zone)
up.add("", "172800", "NAPTR", "1 1 \"u\" \"E2U+sip\" \"!^.*$!!\" .")
resp = master.dig("", "NAPTR")
resp.check_record(rtype="NAPTR", rdata="1 1 \"u\" \"E2U+sip\" \"!^.*$!!\" .")
verify(master, zone, dnssec)
if dnssec:
# add DS for existing delegation
check_log("DS addition")
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