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NEWS: add version 2.9.1

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Knot DNS 2.9.1 (2019-11-11)
- New option for OCSP stapling '+[no]tls-ocsp-stapling[=H]' in kdig (Thanks to Alexander Schultz)
- Kdig always randomizes source TCP port on recent Linux #575
- Server no longer warns about disabled zone file synchronization during shutdown
- Zone loading stops if failed to load zone from the journal
- Speed-up of insertion to big RRSets
- Various code and documentation improvements
- Failed to apply journal changes after upgrade #659
- Failed to finish zone loading if journal changeset serials from and to are equal
- Incorrect handling of 0 value for 'tcp-io-timeout' and 'tcp-remote-io-timeout' configuration
- Server can crash if zone transaction is open during zone update
- NSEC3 chain not fully updated if NSEC3 salt changes during zone update
- Server can crash when flushing zone to a specified directory
- Server can respond incorrect NSEC3 records after NSEC3 salt change
- Delegation glue records not updated after specific zone change
Knot DNS 2.9.0 (2019-10-10)
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