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NEWS: add version 3.0.9

parent 45cb487f
Knot DNS 3.0.9 (2021-09-09)
- keymgr: import-bind sets publish and active timers to now if missing timers #747
- knotd: incomplete NSEC3 proof in response to opt-outed empty non-terminal
- knotd: journal discontinuity and zone-in-journal result in incorrectly calculated journal occupation
- knotd: incorrect evaluation of ACL deny rule in combination with TSIG
- knotd: failed DS-check is replanned even if no key is ready
- knotd: root zone not correctly purged from the journal
- kdig: +noall does not filter out AUTHORITY comment #749
Knot DNS 3.0.8 (2021-07-16)
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