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doc: roughly described zone load process

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......@@ -271,6 +271,35 @@ modified zone file and if successful, thaw the zone.::
$ knotc zone-reload
$ knotc zone-thaw
.. _Zone loading:
Zone loading
The process how the server loads a zone is influenced by the configuration of the
:ref:`zonefile-load <zone_zonefile-load>` and :ref:`journal-content <zone_journal-content>`
parameters (also DNSSEC signing applies), the existence of a zone file and journal
(and their relative out-of-dateness), and wheather it is a cold start of the server
or a zone reload (invoked by e.g. knotc interface). Please note that zone transfers
are not taken into account here – they are planned after the zone is loaded
(including AXFR bootstrap).
If the zone file exists and is not excluded by the configuration, it is first loaded
and according to its SOA serial number relevant journal changesets are applied.
If this is a zone reload and we have "`zonefile-load: difference`", the difference
between old and new contents is computed and stored into the journal like an update.
The zone file should be either unchaged since last load or changed with incremented
SOA serial. In the case of a decreased SOA serial, the load is interrupted with
an error; if unchanged, it is increased by the server.
Anyway, unless an error, the resulting zone contents is (after potential DNSSEC signing)
used as the new zone.
The option "`journal-content: all`" lets the server, beside better performance, to keep
track of the zone contents also across server restarts. It makes the cold start
effectively work like a zone reload with the old contents loaded from the journal
(unless this is the very first start with the zone not yet saved into the journal).
.. _Journal behaviour:
Journal behaviour
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