Commit afa917bd authored by Daniel Salzman's avatar Daniel Salzman
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changeset: remove unused parameter from changeset_iter_init

parent 857e0713
......@@ -63,8 +63,7 @@ static void cleanup_iter_list(list_t *l)
/*! \brief Inits changeset iterator with given tries. */
static int changeset_iter_init(changeset_iter_t *ch_it, const changeset_t *ch,
size_t tries, ...)
static int changeset_iter_init(changeset_iter_t *ch_it, size_t tries, ...)
memset(ch_it, 0, sizeof(*ch_it));
......@@ -438,17 +437,17 @@ void changeset_free(changeset_t *ch)
int changeset_iter_add(changeset_iter_t *itt, const changeset_t *ch)
return changeset_iter_init(itt, ch, 2, ch->add->nodes, ch->add->nsec3_nodes);
return changeset_iter_init(itt, 2, ch->add->nodes, ch->add->nsec3_nodes);
int changeset_iter_rem(changeset_iter_t *itt, const changeset_t *ch)
return changeset_iter_init(itt, ch, 2, ch->remove->nodes, ch->remove->nsec3_nodes);
return changeset_iter_init(itt, 2, ch->remove->nodes, ch->remove->nsec3_nodes);
int changeset_iter_all(changeset_iter_t *itt, const changeset_t *ch)
return changeset_iter_init(itt, ch, 4, ch->add->nodes, ch->add->nsec3_nodes,
return changeset_iter_init(itt, 4, ch->add->nodes, ch->add->nsec3_nodes,
ch->remove->nodes, ch->remove->nsec3_nodes);
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