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      events: revert back to the race condition to avoid deadlock, unlock scheduler... · 39cc9c7a
      Dominik Taborsky authored
      events: revert back to the race condition to avoid deadlock, unlock scheduler when running event callback
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      Merge branch 'libedit-deps-fix' into 'master' · 4cb8d9ea
      Daniel Salzman authored
      Libedit deps fix
      Configuration fix
      Currently there are three problems when configuring the sources:
      1. When configuring with `--with-libedit=/is/somewhere/else` the header files location is not passed into appropriate translation units and the compilation fails on missing header file `histedit.h`.
      2. Compilation fails with `--disable-daemon` and `--enable-utilities` because libedit is pulled by static dependencies of utilities but is not detected in the configuration because of disabled daemon.
      3. Sources of  `knotc` are compiled with daemon but the resulting binary is only built(linked) when utilities are also enabled, because utilisties provide necessary static `libknotus.la`.
      * Add missing `$(libedit_CFLAGS)` into `src/Makefile.am` on relevant places.
      * Presence of libedit is checked when configuring with daemon **or** utilities.
      * Changes in `src/Makefile.am` so that `libknotus.la` is built when `HAVE_DAEMON` or `HAVE_UTILS`. Utility `knotc` is compiled and built with `knotd`.
      See merge request !529
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      Fixed conditional building of knotc. · 242aee01
      Karel Slaný authored and Daniel Salzman's avatar Daniel Salzman committed
      Application knotc should be built together with the daemon. Static
      utilities library is built together with daemon and/or the utilities.