1. 12 Feb, 2014 9 commits
  2. 11 Feb, 2014 6 commits
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      Merge branch 'zonefile_loading' into 'master' · ba731c3c
      Daniel Salzman authored
      Zonefile loading fixes
      Most is said in the commit.
      I would have refactored zone-load more (especially the custom rrset lists could be standard ptrnode_t list from list.h) and a few other things,
      also it should be named something like `zonefile.h` as we already have a `zone-load.h` file which is for zone loading in general and makes it confusing.
      But I didnt, as @jkadlec made a lot of changes in the rrset->rrsigs and I suspect this would result in nasty collisions (like the rrset lists code).
      So... this should be done after his branch is merge-able.
    • Jan Kadlec's avatar
      Merge branch 'nsec_correct_nxproof' into 'master' · ecb994cd
      Jan Kadlec authored
      NSEC/NSEC3: Fixed wildcard expansion proofs and previous node lookup + tests
      Most of it is written in the commit comments, it's still not pretty but at least it works for now.
    • Daniel Salzman's avatar
      func-tests: add ixfr wildcard test · 804398aa
      Daniel Salzman authored
    • Marek Vavrusa's avatar
      zone-load: fixed crash when loading non-existing zone file · c3a94073
      Marek Vavrusa authored
      - refactored the zone-loader a bit, as reading from zone file
        creates only contents and the zone is created separately
      - refactored zone contents creating function, as it is always used in a
        way where an apex node is created and inserted into contents
      - crash occured because created zone bound configuration and if parsing
        failed, the configuration was freed with the zone and also with the
    • Marek Vavrusa's avatar
      tests-extra: test for zone loading failure · 6c365493
      Marek Vavrusa authored
    • Daniel Salzman's avatar
      Remove stat module rest · d7e38e3e
      Daniel Salzman authored
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