Knot DNS 3.0.10

Knot DNS 3.0.10 (2021-11-04)


  • doc: various fixes and improvements


  • knotd: server can crash when receiving queries with NSID EDNS flag #774 (Thanks to Romain Labolle)
  • knotd: ds-push fails to update the parent zone if a CNAME exists for a non-terminal node
  • knotd: server crashes on reload when no interfaces configured #770
  • knotd: journal not able to free up space when zone-in-journal present and zonefile written
  • knotd: broken AXFR with knot as slave and dnsmasq as master (Thanks to Daniel Gröber)
  • knotd: server can crash when zone difference is inconsistent upon cold start
  • mod-stats: missing protocol counters for TCP over XDP
  • kzonesign: input zone name not lower-cased