Commit 195b201b authored by Lubos Slovak's avatar Lubos Slovak

More debug messages

parent 0e3e39b1
......@@ -1557,8 +1557,18 @@ static int xfrin_copy_old_rrset(knot_rrset_t *old, knot_rrset_t **copy,
static int xfrin_copy_rrset(knot_node_t *node, knot_rr_type_t type,
knot_rrset_t **rrset, knot_changes_t *changes)
char *name = knot_dname_to_str(knot_node_owner(node));
dbg_xfrin_verb("Removing RRSet of type %s from node %s (%p)\n",
knot_rrtype_to_string(type), name, node);
knot_rrset_t *old = knot_node_remove_rrset(node, type);
dbg_xfrin_verb("Removed RRSet: %p\n", old);
dbg_xfrin_detail("Other RRSet of the same type in the node: %p",
knot_node_rrset(node, type));
if (old == NULL) {
dbg_xfrin("RRSet not found for RR to be removed.\n");
return 1;
......@@ -1569,7 +1579,7 @@ static int xfrin_copy_rrset(knot_node_t *node, knot_rr_type_t type,
return ret;
dbg_xfrin_detail("Copied old rrset %p to new %p.\n", old, *rrset);
dbg_xfrin_verb("Copied old rrset %p to new %p.\n", old, *rrset);
// replace the RRSet in the node copy by the new one
ret = knot_node_add_rrset(node, *rrset, 0);
......@@ -1612,6 +1622,7 @@ static int xfrin_apply_remove_rrsigs(knot_changes_t *changes,
// copy the rrset
dbg_xfrin_verb("Copying RRSet that carry the RRSIGs.\n");
ret = xfrin_copy_rrset(node, type, rrset, changes);
if (ret != KNOT_EOK) {
dbg_xfrin("Failed to copy rrset from changeset.\n");
......@@ -1626,10 +1637,12 @@ static int xfrin_apply_remove_rrsigs(knot_changes_t *changes,
// this RRSet should be the already copied RRSet so we may
// update it right away
/*! \todo Does this case even occur? */
dbg_xfrin_verb("Using RRSet from previous iteration.\n");
// get the old rrsigs
knot_rrset_t *old = knot_rrset_get_rrsigs(*rrset);
dbg_xfrin_verb("Old RRSIGs from RRSet: %p\n", old);
if (old == NULL) {
return 1;
......@@ -1641,8 +1654,10 @@ static int xfrin_apply_remove_rrsigs(knot_changes_t *changes,
if (ret != KNOT_EOK) {
return ret;
dbg_xfrin_verb("Copied RRSIGs: %p\n", rrsigs);
} else {
rrsigs = old;
dbg_xfrin_verb("Using old RRSIGs: %p\n", rrsigs);
// set the RRSIGs to the new RRSet copy
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