Commit 1d76ee03 authored by Jan Včelák's avatar Jan Včelák 🚀

review fix: no parameter name starting with underscore

parent 0986cfb7
......@@ -56,11 +56,11 @@ class Response(object):
flag_val = dns.flags.edns_from_text(flag)
isset(not(self.resp.ednsflags & flag_val), "NO %s FLAG" % flag)
def check_rr(self, _section="answer", rname=None, rtype=None):
def check_rr(self, section="answer", rname=None, rtype=None):
Check for a presence of a RR with given name and type.
section = getattr(self.resp, _section)
section_rrsets = getattr(self.resp, section)
if rname is not None:
rname =
if rtype is not None:
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ class Response(object):
assert rname or rtype
for rrset in section:
for rrset in section_rrsets:
if rname is not None and rname !=
if rtype is not None and rtype != rrset.rdtype:
......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ class Response(object):
detail_log("!Missing RR name=%s type=%s section=%s" % (
str(rname) if rname is not None else "",
dns.rdatatype.to_text(rtype) if rtype is not None else "",
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