Commit 25d7b825 authored by Daniel Kahn Gillmor's avatar Daniel Kahn Gillmor Committed by Daniel Salzman

Provide direntry, description, and category for makeinfo

info documents generally like to have a category and a directory entry
available for system-wide indexing.  I can't find anyone who uses a
category other than Miscellaneous for the category, sadly, but
apparently info will be happier with a dummy category like
Miscellaneous than with no category at all.
parent 08d547ff
......@@ -240,7 +240,8 @@ man_pages = [
# (source start file, target name, title, author,
# dir menu entry, description, category)
texinfo_documents = [
('index', 'knot', 'Knot DNS Documentation', author)
('index', 'knot', 'Knot DNS Documentation', author,
'KnotDNS', 'Knot Authoritative DNS Server', 'Miscellaneous')
# Documents to append as an appendix to all manuals.
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