Commit a1cbaa49 authored by Filip Široký's avatar Filip Široký Committed by Daniel Salzman

doc: add section about statistics dumping options

parent 9e40bb79
......@@ -366,3 +366,12 @@ Per zone statistics can be shown by::
$ knotc zone-stats mod-stats
To show all supported counters even with 0 value use the force option.
A simple periodic statistic dumping to a YAML file can also be enabled. See
:ref:`statistics_section` for the configuration details.
As the statistics data can be accessed over the server control socket,
it is possible to create an arbitrary script (Python is supported at the moment)
which could, for example, publish the data in the JSON format via HTTP(S)
or upload the data to a more efficient time series database. Take a look into
the python folder of the project for these scripts.
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