Commit c38867e6 authored by Jan Včelák's avatar Jan Včelák 🚀

libdnssec, test dnssec_sign_verify() with public key only

parent 7af5d6ec
......@@ -70,27 +70,29 @@ static void check_key(const key_parameters_t *key_data, const dnssec_binary_t *d
int r;
// check validation on static signatures
// initialize key from public parameters
dnssec_key_t *key = NULL;
r = dnssec_key_new(&key);
ok(r == DNSSEC_EOK && key != NULL, "create key");
r = dnssec_key_set_algorithm(key, key_data->algorithm);
ok(r == DNSSEC_EOK, "set algorithm");
r = dnssec_key_load_pkcs8(key, &key_data->pem);
ok(r == DNSSEC_EOK, "load private key");
r = dnssec_key_set_rdata(key, &key_data->rdata);
ok(r == DNSSEC_EOK, "set RDATA");
// check validation on static signature
dnssec_sign_ctx_t *ctx = NULL;
r = dnssec_sign_new(&ctx, key);
ok(r == DNSSEC_EOK, "create signing context");
r = dnssec_sign_add(ctx, data);
// check existing signature
ok(r == DNSSEC_EOK, "add data to be signed");
r = dnssec_sign_verify(ctx, signature);
ok(r == DNSSEC_EOK, "signature verified");
// create new signature and self-validate
r = dnssec_key_load_pkcs8(key, &key_data->pem);
ok(r == DNSSEC_EOK, "load private key");
if (signature_match) {
r = dnssec_sign_init(ctx);
ok(r == DNSSEC_EOK, "reinitialize context");
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