pytests: import test_query_flood_close

parent ddd85922
......@@ -54,5 +54,15 @@ def kresd(tmpdir):
def kresd_sock(request, kresd):
return getattr(kresd, request.param)()
def make_kresd_sock(request, kresd):
sock_func = getattr(kresd, request.param)
def _make_kresd_sock():
return sock_func()
return _make_kresd_sock
def kresd_sock(make_kresd_sock):
return make_kresd_sock()
"""TCP Connection Management tests"""
import struct
import time
import pytest
......@@ -117,3 +118,30 @@ def test_ignore_jumbo_message(kresd_sock):
answer = utils.receive_parse_answer(kresd_sock)
assert == msgid2
def test_query_flood_close(make_kresd_sock):
Test floods resolver with queries and closes the connection.
Expected: resolver must not crash
def flood_buffer(msgcount):
flood_buff = bytes()
msgbuff, _ = utils.get_msgbuff()
noid_msgbuff = msgbuff[2:]
def gen_msg(msgid):
return struct.pack("!H", len(msgbuff)) + struct.pack("!H", msgid) + noid_msgbuff
for i in range(msgcount):
flood_buff += gen_msg(i)
return flood_buff
buff = flood_buffer(10000)
sock1 = make_kresd_sock()
sock2 = make_kresd_sock()
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