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daemon/tls: document new behavior

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......@@ -71,10 +71,11 @@ Traditional PKI authentication requires server to present certificate with speci
.. code-block:: lua
{'2001:DB8::d0c', hostname='', ca_file='/etc/knot-resolver/tlsca.crt'}})
{'2001:DB8::d0c', hostname=''}})
- `hostname` must exactly match hostname in server's certificate, i.e. in most cases it must not contain trailing dot (``).
- `ca_file` must be path to CA certificate (or certificate bundle) in `PEM format`_.
- System CA certificate store will be used if no `ca_file` option is specified.
- Optional `ca_file` option can specify path to CA certificate (or certificate bundle) in `PEM format`_.
TLS Examples
......@@ -87,6 +88,8 @@ TLS Examples
-- for brevity, other TLS examples omit policy.add(policy.all())
-- single server authenticated using its certificate pin_sha256
policy.TLS_FORWARD({{'', pin_sha256='YQ=='}}) -- pin_sha256 is base64-encoded
-- single server authenticated using hostname and system-wide CA certificates
policy.TLS_FORWARD({{'', hostname=''}})
-- single server using non-standard port
policy.TLS_FORWARD({{'', pin_sha256='YQ=='}}) -- use @ or # to specify port
-- single server with multiple valid pins (e.g. anycast)
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ local function test_tls_forward()
}}}), 'TLS_FORWARD with table of pins')
-- ok(policy.TLS_FORWARD({{'::1', hostname='test.', ca_file='/tmp/ca.crt'}}), 'TLS_FORWARD with hostname + CA cert')
-- boom(policy.TLS_FORWARD, {{{'::1', hostname='test.'}}}, 'TLS_FORWARD with just hostname')
ok(policy.TLS_FORWARD({{'::1', hostname='test.'}}), 'TLS_FORWARD with just hostname (use system CA store)')
boom(policy.TLS_FORWARD, {{{'::1', ca_file='/tmp/ca.crt'}}}, 'TLS_FORWARD with just CA cert')
boom(policy.TLS_FORWARD, {{{'::1', hostname='', ca_file='/tmp/ca.crt'}}}, 'TLS_FORWARD with empty hostname + CA cert')
boom(policy.TLS_FORWARD, {{{'::1', hostname='test.', ca_file='/dev/a_file_which_surely_does_NOT_exist!'}}},
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