pytests: import test_ignore_jumbo_message (test13)

parent 1c3b0322
......@@ -85,3 +85,23 @@ def test_slow_lorris_attack(kresd_sock):
if time.time() > end_time:
def test_ignore_jumbo_message(kresd_sock):
Test if kresd correcty ignores bigger queries than 4096 (current maximum size in kresd).
Expected: jumbo message must be ignored, other queries answered
buff1, msgid1 = utils.get_msgbuff(msgid=1)
gbuff = utils.get_prefixed_garbage(65533)
kresd_sock.sendall(buff1 + gbuff)
answer = utils.receive_parse_answer(kresd_sock)
assert == msgid1
buff2, msgid2 = utils.get_msgbuff(msgid=2)
answer = utils.receive_parse_answer(kresd_sock)
assert == msgid2
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