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README: add info about diffrepro

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......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ Respdiff v2 is conceptually chain of independent tools:
1. qprep: generate queries in wire format
2. orchestrator: send pre-generated wire format to servers and gather answers
3. msgdiff: compare DNS answers
4. diffrepro: (optional) attempt to reproduce the differences
4. diffsum: summarize differences into textual report
5. histogram: plot graph of answer latencies
......@@ -60,7 +61,23 @@ which reads configuration from config file section ``[diff]``.
The tool refers to one resolver as ``target`` and to remaining servers
as ``others``. Msgdiff compares specified fields and stores result
in the LMDB.
in the LMDB and the JSON datafile.
Use of this tool is optional. It can be used to filter "unstable" differences,
which aren't reproducible. If the upstream answers differ (between resolvers or
over time), the query is flagged as unstable.
The tool can run queries in parallel (like orchestrator), or sequentially (slower,
but more predictable). Resolvers should be restarted (and cache cleared) between
the queries. Path to an executable restart script can be provided with
``restart_script`` value in each resolver's section in config.
The output is written to the JSON datafile and other tools automatically use
this data if present.
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