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use respdiff-rs version of msgdiff

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......@@ -42,6 +42,8 @@ Advanced usage
- Queries and answeres can be gathered with a different tool
(e.g. `dnsjit <>`__) and read from LMDB
(see `doc/lmdb_format.rst <doc/lmdb_format.rst>`__ for description of the used binary format.
- Some tools have a more performant alternative, see
`respdiff-rs <>`__.
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ time docker-compose --no-ansi up --no-start >&2
# Run respdiff toolchain
time "{{ respdiff['srcdir'] }}/" .
docker-compose --no-ansi stop # give lingering connections time to close
time "{{ respdiff['srcdir'] }}/" -d ${JOBNAME}_report.json .
time "respdiff-msgdiff" -d ${JOBNAME}_report.json .
cp ${JOBNAME}_report{,.diffrepro}.json
time "{{ respdiff['srcdir'] }}/" -d ${JOBNAME}_report.diffrepro.json .
time "{{ respdiff['srcdir'] }}/" --without-diffrepro -d ${JOBNAME}_report.json . > ${JOBNAME}_report.txt
This tool has a more performant alternative written in Rust. The new tool is an
order of magnitude faster, which is significant for larger datasets. It is not
as feature-complete as the Python version, but it should work for most use
cases. See
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