Commit 8fc64348 authored by Matous Holinka's avatar Matous Holinka

mh-bird_tables: argument 'table' added

parent ad889128
......@@ -13,12 +13,14 @@ def test_krt_routes(key: str, dev: str, ip: str) -> None:
check_krt_routes_timeout(key, dev, ip)
def save_krt_routes(key: str, dev: str, ip: str, loc: str = "temp") -> None:
def save_krt_routes(
key: str, dev: str, ip: str, loc: str = "temp", table: str = "main"
) -> None:
ip netns exec {dev} \
./tests/get_stdout_krt '{ip}'\
'table main' > \
'table {table}' > \
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