Commit a5a751e5 authored by Matous Holinka's avatar Matous Holinka Committed by Ondřej Zajíček
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mh-ospf-vrf: main config file was added

parent 2e287f99
......@@ -10,42 +10,34 @@ vrf m1 vrf1 100
vrf m1 vrf2 200
vrf m1 vrf3 300
vrf m2 vrf1 100
vrf m3 vrf1 100
vrf m4 vrf1 100
vrf m5 vrf2 200
vrf m6 vrf2 200
vrf m7 vrf2 200
vrf m8 vrf3 300
vrf m9 vrf3 300
vrf m10 vrf3 300
if_dummy m1/vrf1 vf0 10.1.1 2001:db8:1:1
if_dummy m2/vrf1 ve0 10.1.2 2001:db8:1:2
if_dummy m3/vrf1 ve0 10.1.3 2001:db8:1:3
if_dummy m4/vrf1 ve0 10.1.4 2001:db8:1:4
if_dummy m1 vf0 10.1.1 2001:db8:1:1
if_dummy m2 ve0 10.1.2 2001:db8:1:2
if_dummy m3 ve0 10.1.3 2001:db8:1:3
if_dummy m4 ve0 10.1.4 2001:db8:1:4
if_dummy m1/vrf2 vf1 10.2.1 2001:db8:2:1
if_dummy m5/vrf2 ve0 10.2.2 2001:db8:2:2
if_dummy m6/vrf2 ve0 10.2.3 2001:db8:2:3
if_dummy m7/vrf2 ve0 10.2.4 2001:db8:2:4
if_dummy m5 ve0 10.2.2 2001:db8:2:2
if_dummy m6 ve0 10.2.3 2001:db8:2:3
if_dummy m7 ve0 10.2.4 2001:db8:2:4
if_dummy m1/vrf3 vf2 10.3.1 2001:db8:3:1
if_dummy m8/vrf3 ve0 10.3.2 2001:db8:3:2
if_dummy m9/vrf3 ve0 10.3.3 2001:db8:3:3
if_dummy m10/vrf3 ve0 10.3.4 2001:db8:3:4
if_veth m1/vrf1 ve1 m2/vrf1 ve2 10.1.5 2001:db8:1:5
if_veth m2/vrf1 ve1 m3/vrf1 ve2 10.1.6 2001:db8:1:6
if_veth m3/vrf1 ve1 m4/vrf1 ve2 10.1.7 2001:db8:1:7
if_veth m4/vrf1 ve1 m1/vrf1 ve2 10.1.8 2001:db8:1:8
if_veth m1 ve1 m2 ve2 10.1.5 2001:db8:1:5
if_veth m2 ve1 m3 ve2 10.1.6 2001:db8:1:6
if_veth m3 ve1 m4 ve2 10.1.7 2001:db8:1:7
if_veth m4 ve1 m1 ve2 10.1.8 2001:db8:1:8
if_veth m1/vrf2 ve3 m5/vrf2 ve2 10.2.5 2001:db8:2:5
if_veth m5/vrf2 ve1 m6/vrf2 ve2 10.2.6 2001:db8:2:6
if_veth m6/vrf2 ve1 m7/vrf2 ve2 10.2.7 2001:db8:2:7
if_veth m7/vrf2 ve1 m1/vrf2 ve4 10.2.8 2001:db8:2:8
if_veth m1/vrf2 ve3 m5 ve2 10.2.5 2001:db8:2:5
if_veth m5 ve1 m6 ve2 10.2.6 2001:db8:2:6
if_veth m6 ve1 m7 ve2 10.2.7 2001:db8:2:7
if_veth m7 ve1 m1/vrf2 ve4 10.2.8 2001:db8:2:8
if_veth m1/vrf3 ve5 m8/vrf3 ve2 10.3.5 2001:db8:3:5
if_veth m8/vrf3 ve1 m9/vrf3 ve2 10.3.6 2001:db8:3:6
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