Commit b4329055 authored by Jan Moskyto Matejka's avatar Jan Moskyto Matejka

Birdlab: Fixed variable names for template substitution

parent 1f2f5c85
log "/mnt/nfs/tmp/bird-HOSTNAME.log" all;
debug protocols all;
router id CTLIP;
router id MYIP4;
ipv4 table m4;
ipv6 table m6;
......@@ -34,10 +34,10 @@ protocol static s4 {
debug all;
table m4;
route CTLIP/32 via CTLIP;
route 10.10.IDBIN.0/24 via CTLIP;
route 10.12.IDBIN.0/24 via CTLIP;
route 10.14.IDBIN.0/24 via CTLIP;
route MYIP4/32 via MYIP4;
route 10.10.IDDEC.0/24 via MYIP4;
route 10.12.IDDEC.0/24 via MYIP4;
route 10.14.IDDEC.0/24 via MYIP4;
protocol static s6 {
......@@ -46,11 +46,11 @@ protocol static s6 {
export all;
debug all;
route CTLIP6/128 via CTLIP6;
route fd00:11:IDHEX::/48 via CTLIP6;
route fd00:12:IDHEX::/48 via CTLIP6;
route fd00:13:IDHEX::/48 via CTLIP6;
route fd00:14:IDHEX::/48 via CTLIP6;
route MYIP6/128 via MYIP6;
route fd00:11:IDHEX::/48 via MYIP6;
route fd00:12:IDHEX::/48 via MYIP6;
route fd00:13:IDHEX::/48 via MYIP6;
route fd00:14:IDHEX::/48 via MYIP6;
protocol bfd {
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