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    Do not initialize route metrics in import_control hook · feae132e
    Ondřej Zajíček authored
    During route export, the receiving protocol often initialized route
    metrics to default value in its import_control hook before export filter
    was executed. This is inconsistent with the expectation that an export
    filter would process the same route as one in the routing table and it
    breaks setting these metrics before (e.g. for static routes directly in
    static protocol).
    The patch removes the initialization of route metrics in import_control
    hook, the default values are already handled in rt_notify hook called
    after export filters.
    The patch also changed the behavior of OSPF to keep metrics when a route
    is reannounced between OSPF instances (to be consistent with other
    protocols) and the behavior when both ospf_metric1 and ospf_metric2
    are specified (to have more expected behavior).
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