Commit 10115b1d authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček

Updates add-path documentation.

parent e7d2ac44
......@@ -1682,6 +1682,15 @@ for each neighbor using the following configuration parameters:
This option requires that the connected routing table is
<ref id="dsc-sorted" name="sorted">. Default: off.
<tag>add paths <m/switch/|rx|tx</tag>
Standard BGP can propagate only one path (route) per destination network
(usually the selected one). This option controls the add-path protocol
extension, which allows to advertise any number of paths to a
destination. Note that to be active, add-path has to be enabled on both
sides of the BGP session, but it could be enabled separately for RX and
TX direction. When active, all available routes accepted by the export
filter are advertised to the neighbor. Default: off.
<tag>allow local as [<m/number/]</tag>
BGP prevents routing loops by rejecting received routes with
the local AS number in the AS path. This option allows to
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