Commit 10ab65a8 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček
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Fixes one recently introduced IPv6 BGP compatibility problem.

parent b7a735ea
......@@ -305,14 +305,25 @@ bgp_create_update(struct bgp_conn *conn, byte *buf)
* in the same interface, we should also send a link local
* next hop address. We use the received one (stored in the
* other part of BA_NEXT_HOP eattr). If we didn't received
* it (for example it is a static route), we do not send link
* local next hop address. It is contrary to RFC 2545, but
* probably the only sane possibility.
* it (for example it is a static route), we can't use
* 'third party' next hop and we have to use local IP address
* as next hop. Sending original next hop address without
* link local address seems to be a natural way to solve that
* problem, but it is contrary to RFC 2545 and Quagga does not
* accept such routes.
n = neigh_find(&p->p, &ip, 0);
if (n && n->iface == p->neigh->iface)
ip_ll = ipp[1];
if (ipa_nonzero(ipp[1]))
ip_ll = ipp[1];
ip = p->source_addr;
ip_ll = p->local_link;
if (ipa_nonzero(ip_ll))
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